Winner of the Online Contest


By Director Andreas Wannerstedt


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Winner for the Best Trailer  goes to "Genesis" with a net total of 62 likes.

"GENESIS" will be seen on all 3 screens at the Indie Screen Cinema for the duration of the festival and will be included on our brochures.

Thank you to all those who participated in this on-line event.

We will  be holding a second and last contest this Octuber 15

   Please submit trailers to

Winners of the Philip K Dick Festival  will be announced November 14, 2012





1 Unseen Forces

2 95ers

3  Beyond the Grave

4  White

5 Press One

6   Anamnesis

7   Redux

8   Press One

9   Entity

10  Orbs

11 Philip K Dick's Cosmogeny

12   The Music of Jo Hyeja

13   Alone Together

14   Silent Series

15   Steven Greer's Sirius Documentary

16   HPJ Trilogy ACT3  Have Faith will Travel
17   Long Days Teaser
18   Heal
19   Verbatim
20   The Reading Hour
21   Post Human
22   Season of Darkness
23  Last Days
24   House of Seville
25  Light Years
26   Spaceman Wilson
27   Dissent
28   10
29   I was warned
30  The Bird
31   Till Death
32   KNinth Floor
33 Transhuman - Do you want to live forever?
34 Philip K Dick's Time Meddler's

35  El Aleph

36  Genesis

37  Circle 6

38   Dispenser

39   Remember the future

40   Rainbow times Apocalypse

41   Pantheon

42  Yanetki

43  Fusion

44   Fallout

45   Silas  Cares

46   2012

47  Anomaly

48  Regression

49  Men cant make beds

50  Bare Hands

51  Henri

52  Entropia

53  Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep? From Readaptation-The book series

54  Estereoscopia

55 Gravity

56  Risk my mind

57  Sight

To all Filmmakers

In  all  fairness, part of the festival practice is to make note of the number of likes the video has prior to entering the festival and the number after the festival contest is over. We tally the difference and use that number as the number of likes only gained DURING THE CONTEST. In other words a video may come in with thousands of likes but if it doesn't add any during the festival, the video will not be winner.
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