Dramatic Competiton:
We look at strong stories with a science theme. Stories that force the viewer to question reality. Some themes may include infinity, immortality, what is human, time, space, consciousness.
Shorts Competition:
Any film under 60 minutes. All genres that explore reality and our perception of it. We are looking for original voices and visions. Science Fiction feature We are looking for thoughtful science fiction; one that challenges us with the mystery of the mind and the universe. We are not just looking for special effects or gore but mystery, suspense and atmosphere. Think 2001, PI, CUBE, THE MATRIX.
Web Series:
Any new media series. This can be any subject that explores science fiction or the supernatural. Heavy emphasis on an artistic vision.
Movie Trailer:
We look at movie trailers that tell a story with a creative and original twist. All topics covered.
Looking for outstanding documentaries in Science that reflect an inquisitive spirit and maverick approach in exploring the world. Subjects include: biographies, reenactments, dramas, and ecological issues.
Horror/ Supernatural Short:
Apocalyptic horror, 2012 , End of Time. The best horror is the one we carry inside of us; the one that is hidden, lurking in the shadows ready to pounce on us any moment. Think Psycho, Body Snatchers.
Horror / Supernatural Feature:
Capture The Eschaton,The Singularity, the end of time. Think Kafka, HP Lovecraft. Mood and suspense above effects. Eerie and strange. Capture the madness of our times.
Foreign Film Competition:
All genres welcomed from outside the US .Original voices and visions. Reinvent the medium, challenge the status quo, discover new worlds hidden from us.
Latino , African American and other people of color Science Fiction:
Looking for films by African-American, Latino and other people of color who explore Science Fiction or science related themes within the frame of their own communities' needs and issues.